We Bought a Pod: Episode 51 – Kree, Skrulls and Goose…Oh My! ‘Captain Marvel’ and SXSW Reviews

We’re back guys! Check out our thoughts on We Bought a Pod as we discuss Captain Marvel (READ OUR REVIEW HERE), SXSW Trailers, and our unveiling of the We Bought a Bracket tournament. With the podcast coming a week and a half late, we already started our tournament. Vote in the most recent round here!

Here’s a time breakdown of the Podcast: 

00-30:20 – Captain Marvel Review (With Spoilers)

30:20 – 49:00 – Trailer Talk – Avengers: Infinity War, The Long Shot, Booksmart, Good Boys

49:00 – END – We Bought a Bracket! announcement and seeding

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