Our Founders

Alan French – Rotten Tomatoes Certified Critic

Alan French is one of the Co-Founders of We Bought a Blog Media. He loves movies, TV, and other Pop Culture happenings. Got his BA from Florida State University in English Literature, and Sports Management. Got his MA from UCF in Mass Communication. You can find him at film festivals and screenings near you!

Aaron Leblanc

Aaron Randall is a Middle school teacher and lover of animation. He is one of the Co-Founders of We Bought a Blog Media. He and Alan met at FSU where they shared their passion for speech and performance. They’ve been besties ever since. Aaron strives to be right on just about everything. Find him at a Magic tournament making…well, magic?

Our Team

Ryan Alexander


Ryan Alexander is our hero of horror, our fright fiend, and our purveyor of panic. Ryan is on a journey to become a mental health counselor. He attended La Salle University in Philadelphia. He is now a permanent Philadelphian. Find Ryan at any local haunts…literally.

Josh Walbert


Josh Walbert is a writer and Disney extraordinaire based out of Orlando, FL. Josh met our founders on the Speech and Debate team at FSU. They’ve been speaking ever since. Josh loves puzzles, puns, and is an all-around Hamm. Find him making magic around the happiest place on earth!